The hair styler — the convenient adaptation for hair dressing. With its help the hairdress can be made quicker, and locks look so as if you just left salon.

Times when for hair dressing surely it was necessary to hold the hair dryer in one hand, and a hairbrush — in another, in the past. Now there is a device which combines both of these components.

Besides, the hair dryer hairbrush allows to create laying of saloon level of the house, than saves the house budget.

Technical features of the hair dryer hairbrush

Principle of action

The main task the hair dryer hairbrush — formation of laying by means of the removable rotating or unrotative nozzles. Their quantity and modification are various. Thus, moist ringlets can give at once the desirable form.

If as a nozzle the brashing, hot air of a stayler directed to shchetinka is used dries up and at once winds locks.

Even the simplest stayler can meet all requirements of the owner. So, at short hair or need for one habitual and traditional laying, enough minimum parameters of the device.

But for those whom a peculiar house mini-salon interests, developers supplied the device with a set of nozzles and additional options.

Device power

It is the main indicator to which buyers pay attention. The maximum speed and temperature of air supply that influences the end result of a hairdress depends on it.

The hair styler for hair dressing: as it is correct to choose

The smallest power the hair dryer hairbrush — 400 W, it is suitable only for simple laying on short hair.
At the power of 600 W and above you have more possible options for laying of locks.

The maximum and optimum power — 1 kW. Such device is suitable for difficult hairdresses, creation of elastic ringlets, curls, etc.

Operating modes and additional options

The more operating modes, the there are more than opportunities to pick up suitable for each concrete hairdress. The modes can be two or three: hot air dries a head of hear, warm — helps when laying, cold (additional) — consolidates result.

The most acceptable use temperature — 60 degrees, optimum time of heating — about two minutes.

As for additional options, that, depending on model of a stayler, they can be such:

  • Ionization
    Treats a head of hear, protects it from electrization and negative influence of hot air. Unlike simple hair dryers, heating of a multistayler happens to the ionizer much quicker.
  • Moistening ferry
    Useful function for creation of ringlets, and also for protection of hair against a siccation.
  • The rotating brush
    The most convenient adaptation which at certain skills minimizes personal efforts and opportunity to be mistaken when laying.

Hair dryer complete set

In the simplest option one nozzle enters a set. But they can be bought in addition in shop of household appliances.

Professional the hair dryer hairbrush for hair dressing are completed with three-six nozzles of different diameter and a form, each of which has the mission:

  • the round brush or nozzle with the hiding cloves will be suitable for creation of large ringlets;
  • for elastic small waves — nippers of small diameter;
  • for a straight volume hair — a brashing;
  • for straightening — a nozzle in the form of a half of a brashing or flat nippers, etc.

The hair styler for hair dressing: as it is correct to choose

Also there is a special nozzle for disentangling of hair in case of an unsuccessful price markup and a round brush with a natural bristle for giving to a head of hear of smoothness and gloss.

It is good when under each of them there is an office which protects from dust and moisture. Especially it concerns a natural bristle which at the inaccurate address pushitsya quickly and broken.

Advantages in front of ordinary hair dryers

The hair dryer hairbrush is pleasant to women thanks to the obvious advantages in front of simple hair dryers. It:

  • Convenience of application.
  • Saving of time on laying and its firmness.
  • Opportunity to create different images.
  • Economy of money as with basic skills the effect of house laying doesn’t differ from the saloon

Thanks to nozzles the hair styler replaces a set of devices: the ordinary hair dryer (the tool can be used without nozzles), the curling iron, the iron, etc. Therefore he is called still a multistayler.

Besides, there are devices which work not from a network, and at batteries and even at gas sprays that is very convenient if you need to make laying on the way.

The hair styler for hair dressing: as it is correct to choose

How to set hair by means of the hair dryer hairbrush

At a choice of a nozzle consider not only a desirable final form of a hairdress, but also length of locks.

If they long — the nozzle with the cleaned cloves is ideally suited — it won’t allow them to be mixed up. The diffuser which increases volume is convenient for short hair.

That laying with the help the hair dryer hairbrush was tidy, and that it is more important, safe, before its beginning carefully comb hair. So you will avoid risk of a sputyvaniye and a vyryvaniye of locks.

Laying process
  • Wash up hair and wait until they dry up.
  • Accurately comb a head of hear.
  • Put thermoprotection and staylingovy means at will.
  • Choose a nozzle and connect a stayler to the power supply.
  • Allocate a lock 2-3 cm wide and wind it round a nozzle (if a stayler with an automatic price markup, use it).
  • Sustain a lock in such situation for 5-7 seconds.
  • Work similarly all head of hear.

Choice of model and brand

Famous producers value a name and guarantee quality of production. Treat such producers:


The hair styler for hair dressing: as it is correct to choose

The company offers the Philips HP8664 model (1000 W) which already managed to receive great popularity.

Its main characteristics — automatic rotation of a nozzle in two directions, the ionizer, the careful mode of laying, possibility of a choice of speed of air supply.

There are two nozzles of different diameters one of which — with the hiding shchetinka — is intended especially for safe processing of long locks.

Stayler is simple in use and gives qualitative long effect without obfuscatory hair, but it doesn’t give radical volume. The case isn’t provided.


The hair styler for hair dressing: as it is correct to choose

The AS 530 model (1000 W) differs in durability and lightweight. Stayler has three operating modes, from additional options — a parouvlazhneniye and supply of cold air. Is ideally suited for processing of averages and short locks.


The hair styler for hair dressing: as it is correct to choose

Rowenta CF 9320 (1000 W) is completed with the mode of a cold obduv, ionization, and also automatic rotation of a brush. There are two nozzles. The device is convenient in use. From minuses — temperature in the mode of a cold obduv insufficiently low.


The hair styler for hair dressing: as it is correct to choose

The Babyliss company (1000 W) — the famous producer of stayler. Its Babyliss 2736E model with a ceramic covering gives fast and high-quality laying. A lack of model — noisy work.


The hair styler for hair dressing: as it is correct to choose

The hair styler for hair dressing of Rowenta Brush Activ (1000 W) has a ceramic covering. In a set two brushes with a soft bristle. Diameter of brushes — 5 and 3 cm. There is also a function of ionization and the mode of cold air.


The hair styler for hair dressing: as it is correct to choose

Bosch PHA2662 (1000 W) is equipped with a cold obduv and ability of ionization, a humidifier. There are 3 nozzles, a bag case. The price is lower, than on the previous gadgets.

But there is an essential shortcoming: during the long work on high temperature the device overheats and can burn therefore it needs to be switched off from a network and to continue laying to wait until it cools down.

The hair styler for hair dressing: as it is correct to choose

Councils for use of the hair styler

The hair styler for hair dressing: as it is correct to choose

That the result from use of a multistayler pleased you, when laying take the following advice:

  • Pick up the mode, suitable for your head of hear, and a nozzle
    Process short locks at the first speed. Dense or long — on the second. Support ringlets by means of the diffuser. Also you remember that the hair are shorter, the less there has to be diameter of a brashing.
  • Take rather narrow locks
    Otherwise they will slip out. Optimum width — 5-7 cm.
  • At first use the concentrator
    It is a special nozzle the hair dryer hairbrush which gives to hair volume at roots. Is not in all models. At its absence previously raise roots of hair by means of the simple hair dryer.
  • Warm up each lock of 5-7 seconds
    If time is insufficiently — the lock won’t be wound if much — you risk to overdry a head of hear.
  • Polish only the ends of hair
    So you not only will give them the healthy shining look, but also keep volume.
  • Be careful
    During the inaccurate work hot metal nozzles can burn skin.

Where to get and cost

It is possible to buy the hair dryer hairbrush in shops of household appliances. The cost of the device depends on the chosen brand and technical parameters of the device.

The average price of a simple multistayler fluctuates in limits 2000-2500 thousand rubles. Than it is more at it than additional options, that the price will be higher.

To secure itself against low-quality production stop a choice on the hair dryer hairbrush of the checked producer with good recommendations.

On what to pay attention upon purchase

The hair styler for hair dressing: as it is correct to choose

  • Convenience
    Upon purchase the hair dryer hairbrush pay attention to that the handle was convenient, and a stayler — not really heavy. It is possible even to try 3-5 minutes to carry out the corresponding winding movements. The hand shouldn’t be tired.
  • Weight
    The weight and compactness have special value if the stayler in a bag is planned to carry. But heavy hair dryers have a thick winding of the engine therefore serve much more long than the lightweight.
  • Quality
    Check that nozzles reliably fastened to the handle and didn’t dangle, and didn’t jam the button. The cord has to be flexible, not break, especially at the basis. The engine shouldn’t rustle too strongly.
  • Cord length
    If the device is used indoors, estimate as far as length of a cord suits interior conditions. 2,5 — 3 meters are usually enough. If it is less, most likely you will test inconveniences during the work with a stayler.

The hair dryer hairbrush is a useful and functional device in the woman’s byyuti-arsenal. Any stylish daily or difficult evening hairdress with ringlets with it becomes simple house procedure.

But a basic purpose of a stayler — laying and if it is necessary occasionally, for simple drying of locks it is possible to stop and on the ordinary hair dryer.

Video: Hair dressing options with the help the hair dryer hairbrush

Thanks to the hair styler you will be able easily and quickly to make excellent laying without leaving the house. You watch our videos with laying options, be inspired and be not afraid to experiment.